Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Well Hello March

February is already flying behind us as we dig into March! Time, SLOW DOWN. 

February was bouncing and busy in my house which in turn caused more neglect to my blog..... I'm trying to get it together ya'll, promise! We are mostly settled into the house for the moment so I am able to get back onto a normal schedule of tasks and what not......

I want to try out setting monthly goals..... achievable little things that make me more accountable for my busy  little life! Here's what I want to do this month:

  • Apply to at least 3 jobs a week. Time for me to really dig my heels in and snag a big girl job.
  • Go to the gym 2x a week. I've become a definite procrastinator when it comes to working out and this body is not going to tone itself, trust me I know.
  • Drink 1 liter of water a day. I crave water in warm weather and curse it when it's colder out; hopefully it warms up soon otherwise this is going to be torture lol
  • Buy one complete outfit for myself. I'm terrible at buying things for myself these days (especially clothes) so this should be interesting.
  • Have 2 hot dates with my husband. With Lewis' always-changing work schedule it's hard to really plan anything special for us to do but I want to make it a point for us to go on a few real dates this month
  • Start and complete one project. Let Lewis tell it, I am the Queen of unstarted ideas lol I plan to prove him wrong!
These are the things I plan to do and accomplish for the month of March! Won't you join me? Set some goals and get the joy out of checking them off one by one :) Link up below if you set some goals for the month of March on your blog and I'll be sure to check you out and root you on!

Here's to March! 

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