Monday, February 17, 2014

Nobody told me!!

 Not one person who owns a home told me that it would be sooo overwhelming to decorate a house!! We've been in the house going on two weeks now and everyday I get up and say "alright, today I'm going to do this this and this" and by 4pm I've only just started on those things! Usually it's because some time during the day I've walked past a room and spotted something else that I needed to do and ended up fiddling with that for a while..... or starting and stopping a project constantly for lack of design vision/decisiveness/frustration...... SIGH . 

I want to enjoy creating character in our home, but I am finding it to be a bit stressful. For one there is like a 500% increase in rooms and space from the 1 bedroom we lived in for 2 years..... And for two I have like 8 different design ideas running through my head simultaneously as I walk through my house with not the slightest clue on where to start. I did get some good advice yesterday I that plan to follow though; I was at church confiding in one of the members how overwhelmed I felt trying to decorate you would never guess what she said? 

"Focus on one room at a time."
That simple.

And like magic, it made sense lol. She told me that if I kept trying to do every room at once I would never see any of my progress and I would probably go crazy and broke trying to complete the daunting task. "Save money up and complete one room at a time, you will enjoy it more." Thank you for easing my mind!

So that's what I plan to do! Wonder which room I'll do first? Stay tuned to find out.......... :)

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