Saturday, February 15, 2014

What I've been up to lately

So I mentioned in my previous post that I've had a lot of things going on the reason why I had been so absent on the blog scene, but I wasn't specific at all so..... Guess what time it is? Sharing time :)

Some of you know back in October I finished RN school after a long 2 yr mind torturing session journey and not even two weeks after I finished I received my specialized code allowing me to schedule my test...... so I did and began studying for the state board exam (NCLEX-RN). At the time I felt as though I was ready and my pinning ceremony was coming up so I decided that scheduling my test in early Dec would be good timing as I could already be an RN when I walked the stage. Hmmp, wishful thinking. Long story short, I ended up not passing my board exam and to rub salt in my wound I had to keep repeating the results to everybody that knew I had taken it. It was hard blow to my pride man! I really wanted to be working by the beginning of the year...... but I guess that was out of the picture.

After waiting my mandatory 45 days to retest, I was able to schedule another exam and this time around I was a lot more calm and mentally prepared for the test. I felt very confident in myself and it showed while I tested.......and for that reason (and by the grace of God) I am now a licensed nurse!!!!!! I am thrilled to be able to start my career as an RN and I can't wait to share work stories :) 


In the midst of my studying and preparing for the test(s) we decided to take the plunge and look for and purchase a house. It went fairly smoothly, our Realtor was phenomenal in helping us find a home that we could grow into....... but the loan process was absolutely terrible. Let's just say I am more than glad it's over and done! So most of January was spent studying/packing and now we are currently still unpacking and getting things settled into our new home. I'm no interior designer so decorating the house may prove to be a bit of a challenge for me; thank God for pintrest lol

So I am a new nurse and new home owner, that's what I've been up to lately...... What about you? How you guys been? What you been up to?

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