Thursday, March 6, 2014

Relaxer update!

Recently relaxed my hair..... at 11 weeks. I thought about going 12 weeks, but it wasn't like 7 days was going to make a tremendous difference in my hair lol.... Since the move it takes no less than 20 minutes to get to all of our usual places (when it used to take only like 7-15 going ANYWHERE) so in adjusting to that extra driving I realized that it was going to take me like 45 minutes to get over to Amanda (my stylist)! My first mind caused me to schedule an appt with a stranger..... but after thinking about it, Amanda has been down with my hair journey this long and really understands what I'm aiming for with my hair so why quit her over a longer commute? Glad I came to my senses! Anywho here's my hair:

It's growing back nicely from the cut I got in Dec with my last relaxer. Amanda commented on how shiny and healthy my hair looked and felt. Also in Dec. I had layers cut into my hair; they are growing out and poppin' as well so I'm really feeling myself lol I'm definitely in love with this stage of my hair..... Of course I don't want to stay this length forever but I will enjoy it while it's here :) I didn't get a trim with this relaxer but I plan to get one soon to help get rid of  those pesky under processed ends!

If there is one thing that I have learned, it's to love and embrace your hair regardless of what stage it's in! So what I'm APL or BSL yet, this is a journey and I'm  enjoying the learning moments of it!

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  1. Go Bee! Your hair is looking good and shiny, love. And you're right, we must embrace our hair no matter what stage it's in. Mine isn't where I want it to be yet, but I'm loving it and can see improvements if no one else can. HHJ, girlie!