Monday, March 17, 2014

How I spent the weekend

This post is about a day late but nevertheless I will post it anyways!

How I spent the weekend:

Community Service with the church young adult Mix Ministry..... So much fun!
Whitney and I doing some manual labor
And a bunch of chilling..........

I started clipping coupons a few weeks back and I was excited about going to the store to use them; you know get to the register like on extreme couponing and end up only paying like $.45? Yea, that didn't happen to me....... If anything I spent TOO MUCH money on things I didn't need all because I had a coupon for it lol 

One of the coupons was for Wet n' Wild cosmetics and as I was searching for something cheap to buy I came across their Megaslicks balm stain. 

I'm excited about this because I've wanted to try a crayola stick color for a while <---- that's what I call all the lip colors that are shaped like pre-k crayolas lol  This one is called "Rico Mauve" and it looks pretty sheer on my lips.
I already want to try another shade..... to see how it will show up on my lips. I feel like it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone and dabble in color! Watch out na!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend as well......

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