Monday, March 17, 2014

#MarriedMondays Married and Dating

Recently Lewis and I were forced to sit at home to wait on our new bed to be delivered. Somebody just had to get express delivery cause they couldn't wait 3 or 4 days to sleep on the new bed....*cough* Lewis *cough* ....... With express delivery, they are really just working you in their already very busy delivery route which means they don't have a set time to come to your house; so you must basically sit home all day and wait on them to show up. Ya'll we were bound to this house ALL day. I was stir crazy. Sometime in the afternoon they finally popped up, brought the bed in and set it up. After Lewis loved all on the bed, he knew how antsy we both were to leave the house so he was like "let's go out to eat."

So we got dressed....
"In da club" photo pose on top

I love how silly I can be with my husband!

I had never been to Red Robbins so that's where we ended up. Why didn't anybody tell me that Red Robbins was so good?!  Man, that burger was packed with awesomeness and stuffed with bacon! We enjoyed the environment and the bottomless fries.... But more importantly we enjoyed each other. Lewis and I don't get to go on dates as often as most but when we get some designated time to spend outside of the house we make it a point to really, really make the most of it!

Our marriage is still fairly fresh (some would say) but we agreed to never let it get stale, EVER. So whether it's organized dates, impromptu dinner dates, grocery shopping, random Target runs my fave by the way or just long trips to the mailbox lol we MAXIMIZE the time we do get to spend with one anther :)


I linked up with Mrs. Dre over at So She writes for #marriedmondays.... go check her out and the other lovely ladies that shared their date nights! Participating in this is as simple as copying the photo link and creating a post talking about your most recent date night experience with your loved one...... Hope to see more:)


  1. Hey Bee...thanks for linking up with us!!! Im loving the "club" poses! LOL!!! Yes I agree...we dont get out often but its a matter of taking advantage of the time you do have together...and Target runs are my favorite...I walk my husband all around the store talking his ear off. He must like it because he always asks if we have to go to Target! LOL!

    And Red Robin is a fav also! We were going to go there the other day but something changed our plans but my mouth was set for that burger!!! LOL!

  2. Lord, y'all know I love me some Target! Lol. I agree with Carissa. We really do have to make the most of each and every moment we get to spend with our husbands. I enjoyed reading your post and am so glad you linked up, love! And check y'all out with these poses. You two make such a beautiful couple :)

    Now you got me wanting to go to Red Robin for lunch tomorrow. Oh my goodness I'm craving that burger now lol.

  3. I am loving that "in the club pose", LOL!!! Red Robins is my spot! I love their burgers and the fries. We haven't done a Target run in a while but I agree with you…running errands is one of my fave things to do with my husband too.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  4. How cute are yall?! It's good you guys can have fun together, that's so important! Red Robin is one of my husbands favorite spots too. Plus I don't feel too bad if my little man makes some noise, it's very family friendly! :)

  5. I love it. I wish I could get my Mr. to pose with me more often. Don't you hate waiting for furniture. I get anxious too about new stuff though. lol Thanks so much for linking up with us. Sorry I couldn't visit you sooner. Looking forward to reading more of your dates. :-)