Thursday, March 27, 2014

The importance of keeping God in my marriage

I love my husband wholeheartedly, with every piece of love inside of me and I am more than sure he mirrors that love. When we took our vows 8 months ago we made a promise to each other in front of our family and friends and more importantly God to love each other for better or worse til death do us part. Most days we are like two teenagers in crazy love..... then there are days when I wish he was a video game character where I could destroy him and he would come back with one less life lol 

For us it's top priority to keep the Lord ever present in our marriage. Not only for the days when we are having a difficult time with one another but also in the good days as well. I feel as though if you always keep God a center point in your relationship, you are better equipped to deal with the curve balls life can throw your way knowing that it's already worked out.

Lewis and I pray daily and when he's able to be home we pray together. We both feel it necessary to uplift each other in prayer, concerning our daily trials and triumphs as well as seeking Him in the plans we have for our lives together.

We don't strive by any means to have the perfect marriage; we are still rookies and make those rookie mistakes, our goal for now is to continue to love each other genuinely and pray that we evolve into the man and woman God has us to be!

The Lord will always be the center and head of our relationship.....ALWAYS.

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