Monday, January 13, 2014

My hair, currently

I realized, while grazing over the types of posts I create, that I don't speak on my hair too much. Not that anything extremely exciting is going on with it right now, but when your on a hair journey you never pass up an opportunity to talk HAIR!

How many weeks post: 5 whole weeks..... My stretch seems to be crawling right now.
Last wash: Last week by myself. Wanted to go to the salon, but at the last minute decided not to.
Deep conditioned with: Lekair cholesterol plus conditioning creme and Aphogee 2 minute keratin re-constructor (my protein DC) and sprayed some Aphogee green tea re-constructor on as well. DC 15 min w/heat
Moisturized: Herbal Essence Long term relationship leave-in, Castor/Peppermint oil mix, Elasta QP mango butter [ LOC method]
Air dry/blow dry/hooded dryer: Blow dried on low warm setting
My hair feels: Kind of dry. With the weather being all over the place lately (cold AMs with warm days and cold nights or vice versa) my hair is a bit confused, I want to pull out my s-curl but I can't be too sure if it's safe to use all the time.
What I'm loving about my hair right now: How full and thick it feels and looks. I hadn't seen my hair look like this in about a year.
What I'm having a problem with: Theses blasted ends. It's all old under-processed hair, so without heat it's a frizzy mess! Also, my hair is too short to put in a bun so I'm not able to properly protect my ends...It's a bit frustrating.
Any reason to do a style: Had a job fair to attend, so I pulled out the hot rollers I got for Christmas.
Current style: Mid-point ponytail..... #blah
What can be done differently next wash: I need to find a store that sells coconut oil; I want to use it as a pre-shampoo.

That's the 411 on my hair right now..... How is your hair journey going? Since it's cooler out, what types of steps are you taking to protect your hair? 

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