Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Relaxer update

After having my sew-in  up for around 4 weeks I had no other choice but to take it down, it was becoming difficult to blend my leave out with the hair since I wasn't flat ironing it. At the take down I was 10 wks post relaxer and I felt like 13 wks! My hair was so unmanageable, along with the tangles from shed hair that hadn't been allowed to escape for 4 weeks was my new growth and the under processed portions of my hair that were NOT allowing me to accurately comb through my hair without unnecessary breakage. So I decided not to wait any longer and got a relaxer at 11 wks.
Battling ng+built up shed hair+under processed sections of strands is a recipe for knots and breakage.......and it was definitely headed my way! Gone are the days of trying to "stretch" my relaxer past 11 or 12 wks for a while; my strands aren't in the best shape to handle that right now.

Speaking of strands, here is my hair now compared to July's relaxer:

Still on the fence about cutting it. It's growing as you can see, but  it just look rough and jagged when I wear it like this which is why I haven't worn my hair straight in months.

I think I will hold off on until the end of the year/ beginning of next year, that way it gives my hair the chance to fill in as much as possible and I don't end up having to go shorter than I anticipate. In the meantime I will keep putting my hair in styles that camouflage the un-evenness...... seems to be working so far.

Hoping my hair grows a foot by December so  I won't have to cut it lol

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