Monday, October 7, 2013

Mind Right Monday

Excuse me for missing last week, by the time I go time to post it was late in the week..... Nobody wants a mind right Monday on a Thursday, right? Didn't think so either.

Time to get ya mind right for the week! Got some goals and thankfuls for you guys here they go:


  • Study at least 1 hr everyday for my final
  • Take as many practice exams as I can before my exit exam on Wed
  • Clean up around the house
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise at least 2x
I'm thankful for:
  • Life, health and strength
  • Lewis
  • Finally being at the end of nursing school
  • Our Brita water filtering container...... ya'll just don't know how much money we save by not having to buy water bottles!
  • Having a job......  no matter how frustrated I get some shifts

So those are my goals and thankfuls, what are yours? Don't forget you can link up to this post below to share yours or feel free to comment!

Have a fabulous week :)

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