Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Idle chit chat

September is proving to be a little more busier than I anticipated...... I got a group presentation to do, midterm, topic info to generate for my church group, an information sheet to create for a workshop I'm helping with and a paper due ALL before Oct. 1st...... These fingers are going to have cramps from all the writing and typing I'll be doing!

But you know what? I love to be busy so I don't mind it at all!

The company that provided the photographer and videographer sent a preview of our wedding video today; I've already watched it like 8 times lol..... I can't wait to see the entire thing, I know I'm bound to cry!

After not being in a gym in like a month, I finally dragged my buns in there today; getting there was a struggle but I after I was done I felt so good...... must make that a continuous habit! Besides the gym takes their money whether I decide to go or not, might as well get my monies worth.

I'm not sure if this is weird or not: ever since I got my engagement ring I've noticed that I pay attention to whether or not a lady has on a wedding ring.... and then I try and analysis the ring without looking like a finger obsessed weirdo. Do engagement/wedding rings do that to other girls, turn them into ring watchers? Hope I'm NOT alone on that.

I feel as though I am neglecting my first love: reading books. Over the summer I thought I was going to be able to read until my hear burst but then I was selected to take summer school and the only thing I ever had time to read was my class material. Once it was over, I just knew I would pick up on reading..... but the wedding finalizing took over my life in that moment and then.... life just took over. Making a personal goal to read 1 book a week for the rest of the year......  I'm currently reading a pretty good e-book from the amazon bookstore; I need to make it my mission to finish reading it by the end of the week.

I guess I'll stop rambling and wind down for the day.....  Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day!

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