Sunday, May 19, 2013

Protective style for a while........

I had been going back and forth with myself about what type of protective style I should get for the summer and I finally narrowed it down to either box braids or senegalese twists. I wanted some thing that would last me 6 wks or more since I don't plan to relax until maybe a week before the wedding........So:

Don't laugh at my chubby looking face..... this was a bad angle!

I went ahead and got some senegalese twists!!! I thought about box braids but, I had those last summer and I wanted to "switch it up" this time....  Keeping them up for as long as possible *crosses fingers that none of them decide to loosen up soon* I just have to control the urge to want to take my hair down in a few weeks lol

I'll also be switching up my washing routine as well from once a week to every 2wks just to make sure the twist don't get loose from too often manipulation involved in washing. My scalp will NOT appreciate this but for the sake of preserving a hair style I think it's necessary........

Wish me luck!

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