Monday, May 20, 2013

60 days of cleansing......

Today makes 60 measly days before Lewis and I become husband and wife...... Eeeek! He asked me last night was I getting excited/anxious/scared since it's SO close; I just simply replied "I think I'll start to feel the wedding butterflies after all is completed and we are actually in the car on the way to East TX to get married." Truthfully, I guess you could say I am feeling the pressure now cause there are still tasks that need to be completed....... *SIGH* 

I decided to take these last 60 days before the wedding to "detox". Or is it clean out my closet? Spring clean? Purge from my life? Uhh Yea, all of that. I don't really know the exact term to use to describe what I want to accomplish in these 60 days but it's something along the lines of making sure my head is on straight and my life is somewhat aligned with the plans I have for myself and my soon-to-be husband. Now while Lewis is all for the whole "Get yo life" session I am choosing to embark on, he is does how a problem with certain aspects of it...... Sorry babe, you'll be okay!! Lol.

The things I plan to accomplish is these last 60 days before the wedding are:

  • Staying fit
  • Concentrate on evolving into my role (as a wife)
  • Being more spiritually in-tuned 
  • Evaluating my relationships with others
  • Updating my wardrobe
Okay I threw in the last one because..... that is still an ongoing struggle from earlier this year *sad, I know*  

In actuality 60 days is a great amount of time to really evaluate these items, if not conquer and build upon all of them. 

Well, Guess it's time I really grew up. <----- Never thought I would say that out loud.*wow*

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