Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Full speed ahead

Suddenly this is what my life is doing.... MOVING.

It seems like two weeks ago, I really had nothing going on and now....... things are becoming a blur because everything is going so quickly. Time has come to send out wedding invitations, I got accepted into summer school (3 days before the class started) I HAVE A BIRTHDAY COMING UP,  Lewis and I are currently making plans for after the wedding and we have 52 days until we get married. 

It may not actually seem like a lot but in my little mind, these things are definitely piling up..... and fast. I welcome all of it though because this building stress leads to good results! I just need to handle one thing at a time as much as possible and not let good stress turn into bad stress.

It's unreal to me how I am about to accomplish all the major goals I set for myself a few years ago.... I found myself asking "what will I do once I complete the last goal?" The answer is super simple: create new ones! I am less than 4 months out from finishing this chapter in my life....... It only makes sense to begin a new chapter and that's what I plan to do :)

Have a good day!!

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