Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend plans

1 exam down, 3 more to go! And if I keep making grades like the one I made this week, the other exams should be something to look forward to!!

Since I unofficially don't have to study for anything this weekend (I should ALWAYS be studying, but I just took an exam and I don't have the next one for another week and a half) my weekend plans are as follows:

  • Finish my critical thinking paper
  • Clean up the house 
  • Pay bills
  • Run errands that I've been putting off because of studying
  • Treat myself to some retail therapy
  • Wash my hair
  • Workout......
In no particular order of course! My favorite item on that list: Retail therapy! Lewis told me I could get myself something nice.... on him! Love that man :)

After all that is said and done it's back to just chilling at home, surfing the web and preparing for my next week of work, clinical and class.

Hope you all have a dashing weekend!!!! Do you have any plans this weekend?

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