Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wash day: The struggle

Oh straight hair, how I will miss thee...... Does anyone else feel sad whenever they do the first wash after the relaxer? Or is that just me? Rollersets, airdrying and clipped up hair are the only spice in my future. I feel kinda down because I know once the water hits it, it won't be straight like that for weeks.... maybe even longer.  And even then my hair will not get THAT straight again until I get another relaxer! Lewis gets a little frustrated too, he decided to tell me the day I got it done "Please let me just enjoy seeing you with your hair down for a few days before you put it away for the next 3 months!" That made me feel bad :/

Refraining from heat is for the health of my hair though so I should really be like "no pain, no gain"...... Right?

The struggle is real!!

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  1. I've gotten really lucky the last few relaxers that I get about a month of REALLY straight hair at the roots. The ends for about two weeks. I do roller sets and just got with it as much as I can. No heat is better but a heat pass once in a while won't hurt.