Monday, December 17, 2012

Idle chit chat

Yesterday my job asked me if I could come fill in on the night shift because they were short staffed. Being the helpful person that I am I said "sure" because they needed the help AND I've sort of secretly been wanting to see how the night shift flows because the on the day shift, we do A LOT with/for the patients. I mean I heard that day/night shift are pretty much the same but in my eyes it always seems like the day shift does all the work and the night shift just kinda chills most of the night cause everyone is either sleep or on their way there...... Ugh, I'm babbling. Sorry.


Because I was unaware that I would be working an overnight shift until about 4pm, I didn't take a nap or anything before the phone call and I had to be in at 6:45..... so last night sucked. But around 2:30 the charge nurse let me go home because they didn't have as many patients as they thought they would. I got home and crashed around 3:30 and popped up at effin' 8:15, and could not (for the life of me) go back to sleep! So here I am now, on the couch sleepy-eyed and tired lol.... I'll prolly try and take and nap later. 

I plan to be super productive this week, I mean it's not like I have to study or anything that will keep me from doing other stuff (thank ya Jesus) so there won't be an excuse for why I didn't get all my MRM goals achieved this time!

I made a wig over the weekend, a curly one, but I'm still modifying it so after I finish it up there will be a post up about the entire journey of making my first wig.

Seriously looking into updating my wardrobe, correctly this time. I found some tips and must-haves that I hadn't known about...... Be looking out for that post as well!

I have been considering a giveaway here on the blog but I'm not sure how to set that up just yet; so sit tight on the idea.

......Guess I'll go be productive somewhere..... Until next time :)

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