Monday, November 12, 2012

Idle chit chat

I have been up since before the sun decided to rise lurking my school student page. Spring registration is today and I want to make sure that I get the time slots I want and the teachers I want.....I bet everybody in my nursing program is up right now watching the clock; it's like a rat race. This is so sad. Lol And the crazy thing is, I don't think registration starts until 8 a.m! I'll prolly go back to bed after this.

Speaking of nursing school, last week I had a bit of a set back. In all my clinical classes we are required to take and pass a dosage calculation exam for that level..... I am not one to make up excuses but math is one of things I am not good in at all. My problem is not working the problem out, it's recalling the correct formula to use (and no they don't give us a formula sheet, we must remember all the formulas by memory)  So I take my exam, and I didn't pass. They give us one more time to retake it and if we do not make the passing grade, then we get dropped from the course. Well, I retook it last week and.....I missed it by one question. FML. I was so frustrated with myself when my teacher showed me the test! Tried to be strong and show as less emotion as possible but the more I stared at my test the more my eyes watered.......As far as I know, I have been dropped from my clinical class which means that I will have to repeat it in the spring; which puts me behind my class....which means that I may not be able to graduate on time. I'm okay with it now, it just sucks that I have to repeat it because of a math exam not because I didn't do the work... 

That's life for ya.

All I can do is focus on what I'm left to deal with which is my lecture class........ and keep my chin up.


  1. Hey Bee, all the best with your future exams. I won't graduate with the rest of my class, if that is any consolation. I am wayyyyyy behind on my dissertation and had to get an extension!

    1. Thanks Nadine! It still kinda sucks but I'm okay with it..... Good luck to you too girl!!