Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My hair currently

How many weeks: 10wks post

Last wash: Sunday

What was used: V05 moisturizing shampoo; DC'd with Nairobi Humecta-sil moisture replenishing conditioner; finished out with some random conditioner I had sitting around. *SN: trying to get rid of a lot of products from my PJism days so everything is sort of in rotation right now*

Hair state: Dry. No other way to describe it..... I think it was one of those conditioners that my hair didn't like too well.

What I'm using to moisturize/seal: S-curl, water and sometimes an oil.... if not that then Silk elements moisturizer (in a jar)

Plan to relax: In 2wks (and I CAN NOT WAIT)

This is what my hair is looking like at the moment:

I am trying to finish strong with this stretch. It just feels like the longest one I've done in a while..... could be because of the issues I had with my last relaxer not going so well. I am debating whether or not I should try to do my own again or find a decent salon to go to. I don't want to give up on doing my own hair, but that last episode has left me a little apprehensive about trying it again...... I don't know we'll see how I'm feeling in about 2 wks!!

So what is your hair looking like currently?


  1. If you're apprehensive about self relaxing due to time issues - maybe you could try doing the half and half method. Just a suggestion, but eager to see your update post whatever you decide.

    1. Hey Nadine! Yea, if I do decide to relax it myself I prolly will try the half and half method....I didn't think to do it the first time around.

  2. Good luck, I haven't relaxed my own hair in God only knows, I'm too paranoid lol.