Monday, October 8, 2012

Mind Right Monday!

Hello hello!! It's time again for the Mind Right Monday..... I'm finishing out my last week of classes so I've been all over the place lately..... But I had a really productive week! I finished my projects and made a 100 on one of them (BOO-YAH) and also I made a slamming ass A on my exam..... Ya girl is on fiya right now :) So here's to another great week! MRM here we go:


  • To study at least 45-60 min for each exam
  • Hydrate! (I keep putting this because I really need to remember it, you would be surprised at how hard it is for me)
  • Try and relax some cause finals weeks is next week

  • Being in my right mind (cause I've seen first hand what those who aren't look like)
  • Lewis (although he is being a butt at the moment lol)
  • My determination..... I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Family
  • Money in the bank

I am going to link up to the MRM over at Check out the other linkers as well as Dani's!!

Let's get productive!

What are your goals this week? Are you grateful for anything?


  1. How are the goals goin?
    I'm grateful for you linkin' up!

    1. Hey Dani! I've been knocking them out all week! How about yours?