Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So close, I can taste it!

I am this () close to being done with these set of classes!! I am in my last week of "instruction" and then next week we have finals! Now if the week would only speed up.......

I know I jump on here every now and then and rant about school, but you guys truly don't get the full opportunity of hearing my b*tchfest. You should be thankful, poor Lewis gets an earful.... nightly. To be honest though, this has been my best flex of nursing school (grade-wise) I've been killing my exams and scoring high on my presentations the entire time; I think I'm off a smidge. Seems like I tend to do better when I'm forced to be fully consumed with my work...... rather than when I only have to worry about one class at a time. Weird.

Well I know Lewis will be happy once next week comes, he told me he was tired of me "being so busy all the damn time." His exact words lol

I'm actually in between exams at this very moment..... I just finished one, and we have to take another one in 30 minutes...... FML.

I need a time warp machine.... or borrow that clicker thing from Adam Sandler.


  1. Good luck, hope the exams went well

  2. Good luck with your last classes Bee! haha don't we all wish we could speed up time like in the movies? Anyways you're on a roll chica so I know you'll ace your last exams :)