Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just some ramblings

First off I hope everybody is finishing out a great weekend!!

I personally had a very good one; Some of my in-laws decided to come to town to visit me!! You guys just don't know how grateful I was to be spending time with some familiar faces.... and the best part was that THEY CAME TO SEE ME!!!!!! I guess all that silent whining and complaining I'd done in the past didn't go in vain lol. I showed them the high spots of the city and took them to the tourist areas where we had lots and lots of fun; I think they enjoyed being here as much as I did them :)

But the fun don't stop there!! Mi Madre is flying in from out of state tomorrow to spend the entire week with her best girl [me]!! I'm excited for her to see me in my new environment. As an engaged woman.  The last time my mom laid eyes on me in the state of Texas was 3yrs ago right after I moved into my first apartment... she helped me pick out my first furniture pieces. I got all sorts of things lined up for us to do while she is here... but the best part, hands down, is the wedding gown shopping..... I.CAN'T. WAIT.

Lewis also comes home in a few days. He's a little down that he couldn't be home to see and spend time with his sister that came over the weekend, and even more down that his mom won't be able to come and visit/ meet my mom while she's in town. Poor babes. I'm going to make sure that we do stuff to lift his spirits too... even if it's something small like a home cooked meal.

Oh and last but certainly not least..... I got me a protective style for the summer: individual braids. Yes, I had been talking them up for about a month or so and I finally took the plunge and spent the time AND money to get them done! I must say this is money well spent! I am in absolute love with my braids and they fit me sooo well! I think I can easily keep them up for about 2 months or at least the end of the summer.....  The only tweek I'll be making to my regimen is the amount of washing I'll be doing. Instead of washing every Sunday and Wednesday it will be every 2wks. Can you believe I found the lady that did them on Craigslist? I am not going to front I search A LOT of stuff on craigslist [it's actually how I found a hairstylist when I first moved to SA] and though at first I was skeptical, I'm glad I went forward with it. The first girl I was going to let do them from craigslist was giving me this SUPER WEIRD vibe; and this chick had the nerve to tell me that she was going to do my hair on the back porch of her BF's seemingly abandoned house....
Wait, what did you just say? San Antonio weather?

I had to go, there was no way..... and I mean NO WAY I was going to sit out in 95 degree weather willingly for 5-7 hrs getting my hair done. Just wasn't happenin'.

But anywhos, here is what the braids look like:

Fly right???
Tooodles :)

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  1. Awww I love your braids Bee! They do suit you very well. I can't wait to hear more about your wedding prep. Omg buying your gown must be soo exciting! ahhhhhh! Good luck with it! :)