Monday, June 18, 2012

It was all good this way

Happy friggin' Monday!!

LMAO.... who makes these???? I must know!

The past week has definitely zipped past me!
 It's crazy how when you are enjoying the people in your presence the days just sort of mush together til you look up and time is up...... where is this lightning fast time when school is in??? Guess it only works when you are actually having fun.....WOMP. Lol

I thoroughly enjoyed my mother being down here with us this past week. It was her first time out here in San Antonio and I wanted to make sure she had a grandiose time! We took in the sights, hung out at a late night bingo session  ::didn't win though, dammint!:: chilled poolside with a cookout going on in the background.... the whole nine. At the end of the week I was wishing she could stay a few more days just to see some more stuff but at the same time ready for her to head home cause I was worn out from being hostess back to back.....I'm not wrong, am I?

My mommy and me :)

The best part of the week was when I got to play dress up and try on a few bridal gowns!! Here are a few I tried on:

The consultant wanted me to stay with the fit-and-flare/mermaid/trumpet style cause of my body shape......I tried on like 20 dresses that day! I could see myself is some of them, but none of these spoke to me the way one of the dresses I RANG THAT BELL!!!! Yep, that's right I found my dress; this just got so much more real for me....... I would put a pic up but I don't want to spoil it just yet, gotta get the suspense going lol. And we couldn't have picked a better time to come in cause David's bridal is having their "Semi-Annual Sale" and I got $100 off of my dress. Jackpot! Plus I got to  put it on layaway since they had my size in the store, saving my daddy some money
  ::cause he's the one buying it lol:: 

Such a happy gal right now! Now that the gown is out of the way, I need to focus on invitations/save the dates and what the wedding party is going to wear..... Have I posted wedding colors? I think I have, I'll have to check but just in case I did not they will be Purple (regency) and Red (apple) with gold accents......Yeas, we are out there lol but I think once it's all pulled together it will be fabulous!!

Welp, guess that's it for now...... Have a great Monday :)

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