Thursday, May 10, 2012

Might need a job......

So since school is out, I basically don't have much to do but plan my wedding.......  but this problem is already beginning to be a good AND bad thing.

 Good thing: I have all day and night to pick, prod, fantasize, and put together the most important parts of my special day without much interruption.

Bad thing: Remember when I mentioned before that while I was in school I had a work-study job on campus? It was a convenient little job in the student writing center where I worked about 10hrs a week and we got paid twice a month. On top of that I could still file for unemployment compensation 2x month as well...... So I'm good, right?  NOPE. Sadly, because I won't be taking at least 6hrs of summer school I can't work at the writing center this summer AND I just realized that my unemployment benefits are about to be dried up come next month.......

Which is about to leave me in a tight crunch money-wise. My fiance` is bringing home most of the bacon so I don't technically HAVE to work, but I do feel the need to contribute to the wedding savings. I don't want him to be the only saving, ya know?  I would set aside money every pay period to put in the savings acct. just to feel like I was doing my part. Pretty soon I won't be able to so easily and that don't sit right with me! I'm thinking maybe I can get a little part-time job for the summer or maybe do little temp jobs here and there to make a little change and just put it all towards the wedding? Or cross my fingers that I receive a call back soon from one of the hospitals I interviewed for to start a on-call position. Until then, I'm going to be even more conscientious about what I'm doing with my little money :(

Dang, there goes my new shoes.........

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