Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm SO over the salon experience.

I have just decided that I will no longer visit a salon......

I had only been going now to get relaxers but after this last visit, if I EVER want to reach any of my goals I'm going to need to start doing my own relaxers as well. Why is it so hard for beauticians to understand that you don't need a damn trim every time you get a relaxer???? That hair strands naturally grows at uneven lengths and therefore is not going to be as even from the last time you cut it? ::sigh::  I mean the stylist had just given me a really good trim back in February, there was no need for the trim she gave me yesterday! I calmly asked her what she was doing cause my ends were in good shape and she replied "Oh I'm just getting the strays" I look down at the apron I had on and I saw ALOT of little pieces of hair that were maybe a 1/2 inch long..... I should've just told her to stop cause there went all the new growth I had over the course of my stretch!

I wanted to try and catch APL by the end of the summer..... that dream is dimly lit as of now. The reason why I hadn't thought of relaxing/trimming my hair myself (cause everything else I do already) is because I've always been a little worried about under processing the back. At this point though like I stated before if I want to reach ANY of my goals before the year is out, I need to take all matters into my own hands! As far as trimming goes.....I'll try and figure something out; but for now I must keep my ends in good shape to avoid them.

Well here are the relaxer pics
May relaxer
Feb. relaxer

Right side

Left side. STILL a work in progress

I'm going to start looking at relaxer application how-to's on Youtube.
 Have you ever had an experience like this? 


  1. Hey Bee! I was so upset reading about your salon experience :( This has happened to me MANY times in the past with a scissor-happy hairdresser. Literally every time I went by her (every 2 weeks)she would take off the "split ends" Ha! No wonder my hair never grew past shoulder length. Since I was quite a bit younger I never said anything. I agree that you should try self-relaxing, or at least don't ever let your stylist cut your hair again! Don't be discouraged, hun, continue to expect that head of long, healthy, armpit length hair! =D

  2. Thanks Marie! You are right, I need to be more assertive... after all, I'm the one paying her right? She should do what I want!

  3. love your hair!!
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