Monday, May 7, 2012

Out from under my rock

I am done with the spring semester of school! But unfortunately..... I'll have to repeat one of my classes. I really struggled with being able to process all of that information in enough time to be successful on my exams but it just didn't happen. I can be upset about it but....what can I do about it? Just taking my loss with a grain of salt I guess. My instructor gave me some insight on what I need to do to be successful in retaking it.... and I'm going to make sure I do just that. I heard that they want to offer the class this summer for retakes only if they can get at least 15 students to sign up for it. That would be awesome for me cause I can just go ahead and tackle it now instead of waiting til school starts and falling behind my starting class! All I can do now is hope they open the summer course up.

Since its officially summertime for me, I am sort of switching gears and getting into wedding planning mode. Lewis and I had a little chit chat over the weekend about how much we wanted to spend on the entire wedding [not including the honeymoon cause he won't tell me where we are going] and where most of our money would be going to. We haven't come up with a set budget but I'm sure we are about to find out in the coming months! I'm excited and nervous for what is about to happen :) 

Let the planning commence!


  1. Woo! Congrats dear and good luck with the planning.


  2. I had the same issues with school also. womp womp