Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drawing a blank. Almost.....

I've haven't been posting these past couple of days because.... well I haven't had much to talk about..... Any suggestions?

I went to visit my hometown over the past weekend to see my girl graduate from her Surgical Technician program ::Congrats Sham!:: and ended up staying 2 extra days. To be honest, at times I felt out of place... mainly cause I no longer live there..... Like everybody would be winding down doing their own thing and I was kinda left kicking around dirt rocks lol. But overall, I enjoyed seeing everybody again.... it's been almost 6 months.

Wedding Stuff: Still haven't fully gotten started yet.. I know sad... I'm a little scatter-brained when it comes down to it I think. I should just pick one area at a time and focus on it, that will prolly ease my overwhelmed mind. Now I just need to find my starting point.......

Life: Guess what? I think I'm wearing ole Lewis down about another puppy!! This morning he told me that he wanted a girl dog but he was goin to wait til after we move into a bigger place... YEAS!!

I want to make our apt a little bit more home-like so I am slowly going to liven up each room.... starting with the living area. Got a few plans for it that I will share with you guys as they come together.

Still looking for a lil summer job, I may head to some of the temp services and see what they have available.

I think I may have myself a little plan!


  1. Come on Bee, we want more on the wedding - you should do a vid - I would def watch :)

    1. As soon as I get a solid starting point, I will def start posting about it!! Promise :)