Saturday, May 19, 2012

Acne blues

I have an extreme acne prone face, every since my teenage years...... my face was always oily and just about everyday I had a new pimple. ::so that should tell you guys weren't exactly lined up at my locker in high school:: We tried everything for my poor face-acne washes, gels, over the counter creams and my mom even took me to a dermatologist a few times. They suggested birth control back then but ole Globug wasn't havin' it! ::just like a momma:: 

After I graduated and got ready to leave for college she finally let me get on the  pill...... and people are not exaggerating when they say it helps clear up acne!! Mines went away like POOF!  I mean I would still get a few breakouts here and there but none like before then. What I was dealing with after that was the scars that were left on my face from years and years of picking and popping ::Don't front like you've never done it!!::  Here was what my face looked like in 2009:

My scars were VERY noticeable. Smh. I was tired of looking like a connect-the-dot puzzle so I decided to try things like wiping my face with lemon juice every night ::which btw stung like hell everytime:: using some foam mess I saw online and even making my own face scrub... just all kinds of ish that..... uhm didn't really work lol

I then decided my face, like all other things, needed repetition. I set up days to do different types of washes on my face; Use face scrub on Wed./ acne wash with Benzoyl peroxide on Tues and Fri.... things like that.
 I didn't noticed that my scars were really starting to fade until I took a look at this photo from Nov 2010:

Excuse my expression lol

And here like 6months later:

Promise my face isn't like airbrushed or anything! It had like this weird glow to it for a while.... could've been from being newly in love lol

Like I said, I was on BC then.... I stopped taking it back in December, and every since then I've been trying to really keep an eye on my skin. It's EXTREMELY sensitive I swear! Check: I went to East TX for a weekend and my poor face went into shock :( I'm trying to recover from it now.... stupid climate change.

My face regimen is as follows on these very days:
Mon- I have this sort of chemical peel stuff that I use 1x a week
Tues- I do the oil cleansing method; where you rub an oil of choice [ I use castor oil and peppermint] on your face and lay a hot towel over and sort of do a steam treatment....
Wed- Face scrub. At the moment I'm using a Dollar General brand apricot scrub
Thur- Panoxyl bar. It has benzoyl peroxide 10% in it. This lil bar is available at wal-mart and I've been using it since I was in high school; it was recommended by the dermatologist.
Fri- Dove soap. I take a break from all the fancy stuff and use good ole soap lol
Sat & Sun-  Alternate the panoxyl bar and the dove soap.

My reggie has taken me a loooong way. Hopefully it continues to help this fragile face fight the war on acne!

Ya'll have any special facial tricks that help save your beautiful faces? Horror stories? Share with ya girl!!


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