Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair: Growth aids Pt. 2

So I wrote about the growth aids that I'm using a few weeks ago and I mentioned that I used one more growth aid........

MICONAZOLE NITRATE AKA Monistat AKA *cough* cooch cream *cough*

Lol. I had heard so much about it very early in my journey that I HAD to try it........ what  gathered from the all the posts and reviews when after first heard about it was that it is an anti-fungal cream used to treat vaginal yeast infections and women who had used it for extended periods of time noticed more hair growth in that area..... So I'm assuming somebody one day was like "if it makes the hair growth down there, I wonder if it'll make it grow on my head!" Thus.... the sensation began lol.

I used it for a long while back in '09 to try and even out my hair..... here were my results:

I'm not sure why I stopped using it..... I guess like somebody fresh on their journey something new and exciting came along and I hopped on that bandwagon. Since getting my hair cut, I've decided to revisit miconazole nitrate to help me achieve my goal of being APL/BSL this year. I make it into my own personal mix by adding castor oil and peppermint oil....My hair loves this mix!! It makes my hair feel a little heavier and slicker but as the same time very moisturized and to me that a good trade off. 
Pics of my mix:

I apply it to my scalp like grease every 2 days...... this stuff also helps with my dandruff!!
I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my progress with this. Cross ya fingers for me :)

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