Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday night chillin

*Note to self* Never do a braidout on freshly washed wet hair! My hair is sooo frizzy right now and I can't get it to straighten out :( #supersucks

I'm super chilling tonight watching t.v and surfing the web.... missing my fiance's company. I was having a problem with one of my teeth a while back and since I don't have dental insurance at the moment I figured I would sign up at a local dental school to be a guinea pig and get my teeth checked out. Well it had been so long ago that I signed up that I had actually forgotten about it until I got a phone call from a student yesterday tell me to come in. Long story short, they got me in did the screening, x-rays and all that jazz and THEN told me that I had two bad cavities that needed to be worked on or I was going to need a root canal! Can't lie I was a little upset that I had let my teeth get to that point, but there wasn't much I could do without insurance..... the dentist is expensive hell!

Lucky for me, the dental school provides services for about 50% less than "real-world dentists" as they call them. And I'll get all my work done by a student under microscopic supervision of a licensed dentist so I feel pretty confident that they will get me in shape. Matter of fact, you guys should ask around about a dental school in your area to see if they offer services to the public. Don't be afraid to use students, they love having the experience!! And it's designed for people like me who can't afford dental insurance.

Other than the hours it took for them to do that this morning, I've pretty much done nothing. I realized around 2 o'clock that I had received my little bitty tax refund..... ::my mom still claims me as a dependent so I never get a decent refund regardless of what I made that year.....boooo:: so I took some of the money and put it in the savings acct. Oh!! Did I forget to mention that we FINALLY opened a savings acct last week? Decided to go with a local branch here because they have the highest interest rate available short of opening an online acct which I don't fully trust. And the rest, I guess I'll just spend it on mindless little things like eating out or picking up a shirt or something.... Every girl deserves a treat :)

Painted my toes too!
Cute huh?


  1. Hey Bee! I'm glad you had a good experience at the dentist, even if it was a student attending to you. Boy do I have dentist horror stories! Loool. And cute nails indeed, black is one of the best colours.

  2. Hey Bee, thanks for following my blog. Came to show some love. Love your blog.