Friday, March 30, 2012

Another protective style I did yesterday

It's the "two strand" twist. I think it's really cute and simple [kinda] to do as an on-the-go hairstyle. It looked really good with a side bun too!

Yea, don't mind my "messy bun" or my super tired, smushy looking morning face.... I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before and I was sort of in a rush......

It sort of took me forever to figure out how to do this twist! I'm so used to having 3 pieces of hair in my hand so it was awkward maneuvering only 2 this time..... but it finally came out good enough to take a pic!

Hope ya like it ;)

This is off topic but: What shape is my face????? It's got this sort of oblongy, downward egg thing going on... weird.

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