Monday, February 20, 2012

Mind Right Monday!!

It's another week folks! Time to "get up off of that thang, and dance til you feel better"
......okay, not really.

I had a great time out of town with my friends!! We laughed, argued, disagreed, danced, made inside jokes and barely slept lol

I hope we can link up again before the year is up.... like the summer time, and out here so I can show everybody around and do stuff that I can't do with Lewis- you know, like pedicures and trying on clothes WITHOUT buying them :) We'll see though!

I want to change up my Mind right Monday stuff...... instead of like posting what I got going for the week I am going to put up some inspirational stuff you know, to get ya mind right for the week! Let me know if you are feeling it, totally hate it, or have suggestions on it....... Here goes:

Mind right Monday: "Appreciate the people in ya life that mean you well...... there ain't a price you can put on that person that knows just what to say when you need to hear it the most!"..... Get ya mind right.

Hope ya'll have an excellent week!!

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