Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hair: Growth Aids Pt.1

I feel it's time to talk about what I'm to help boost my hair growth. Like most on a hair journey, I have invested in a few supplements and products that I think will/have help me gain length. Notice I only said Gain and didn't mention Retain- No pill, powder or product can help you retain length; that's all on you and your hair practices!!

**Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on hair or vitamins & supplements!! Just speaking from my own personal search and experiences**

Few years ago when I first started my journey I wanted to try something that would help me increase and steady the growth of my hair since I was dealing with devastating breakage..... I decided to pick up some Spring Valley hair, nail and skin vitamins from Walmart- we've been inseperable since.

These supplements give me all the essential vitamins that I would get in a multivitamin plus it gives me a little biotin for my hair and nails. I love these things! Since I started taking them back in '09 my nails are impeccable- thick, strong and to my delight they have a very defined white tip so when I go get a manicure I don't really need paint, just a shine and I'm out!
My hair began to grow out more and gained incredible thickness that I hadn't seen since my natural days back in H.S. I got my hair almost even with these supps by themselves, but I felt like I need more of a kick..... So I did a little more research.

I was browsing along on LHCF ::I'm a permanent lurker over there:: and I notice some of the ladies talk about a supp called MSM. It's real name is Methylsulfonylmethane ::try saying that 3 times fast:: and it's basically sulfur in powder form.... Now sulfur is the main component to your hairs structure, so your hair sort of kind of needs it to grow properly. We get sulfur naturally through our diet by eating foods like meat, fish, dairy product, eggs and onions but I don't think I eat enough of those food all the time to have a sufficient amount flowing..... so I bought a bottle:

Now I am somewhat of an experimental person when it comes to supplements and my hair. If people are claiming it does something for ya hair but others said it didn't do jack-squat, I was that person that would go out and buy it just to have my own personal opinion to fall back on. So I'll put it like this: MSM works for ME. In combination with the hair nail and skin vitamins, my hair growth with MSM was phenomenal in my eyes! It was also shiny and soft, I loved it.... needless to say, its been a keeper since as well.

I recently started using vitamin D3 gummies..... And I have no idea where I read about it but I had read that since people hardly ever go outside in the sun anymore that more and more people are becoming deficient in vitamin D. As a healthcare major I've had to sit a few nutrition classes and in one we had to keep track of EVERYTHING we ate for 3 days and then input it in this program that showed us all of the vitamins and nutrients we were taking in :: try to imagine how much fat, salt and alcohol a class full of college students were really taking in here....::  Our teacher pointed out how all across the board that we were all very deficient in Vitamin D which helps synthesize the calcium in our bodies....and stimulate the keratin to form our hair. I started taking these because although I do drink milk, I don't get a chance to go outside like I want so I figure it would help me out. Needless to say it does so I've made these a staple along with the other 2.

I personally like these vitamins and supplements because they've helped ME. Now I can't speak for everybody but I like the results that I get when I use them. I've made them staples in my journey and I plan to use them until I reach my goals. However, after I go into maintenance mode I will only use the Hair, nail and skin vits and won't really be a need for MSM.

SO yea, these are my growth aids..... I have decided to revisit an old growth aid that I will talk about real soon. You may know what it is.... alot of ladies think it's taboo....but hey, it's my head so I can do what I wanna to it!

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