Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mind Right Monday!!

**Tuesday actually**

Hey! I'm a day late for the MRM but nonetheless here it goes:

  • Read assigned ch. for class and complete the outline for next week
  • File taxes ::got all my w-2s, whoop whoop!::
  • Pick a patient at hospital for clinicals and complete all work DUE before clinical day
  • Clean apt ::goal from last week::

  • Health and strength
  • My honeybun 
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Great support system

Hoping to have a rocking week!! It's already starting off sort of great since I passed my nursing exam this morning!!! I didn't make an A, but I'm thankful to even have passed that thang!! I must admit, I didn't study like I should have and it made me very nervous :-/  not trying to feel like that every time I take an exam!! So I'm vowing to do better..... wish me luck.

Been having weird dreams/nightmares about my younger brother lately. In one dream he was being tortured by some guys that knew him and in the other one he shot 3 people in front of me.... 

Talk about out of the ordinary :(

What I'm trying to figure out though is what do these dreams mean?? Are they a cry for help somehow?? I need to talk to my bro and see what's going on.....

OAN: It feels good NOT to have to study tonight....::sigh::  too bad nights like these don't come often lol
Guess I'll chill for a little while longer and then start cleaning!

Does anybody know how to interpret dreams? Do you have any goals this week? Let me know!


  1. Congratulations on passing your exam=) Very sorry to hear about your nighgmares I would suggest praying and if you feel like it's from the Lord. Ask him what is he trying to reveal to you. Often times when I have dreams as far as my family members I just go into intercession for them. Then ask God what is he trying to tell me. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you!! My fiance told me the same thing when I woke him up out of his sleep at 2 this morning lol thank you for the advice, I do feel like maybe it's the Lord trying to tell me to stand in the gap for my brother and I plan to do just that!!