Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a thought.....

Why is it when you move away everybody always says "when are you coming back to visit?" and "you need to come see us more often" Uhm, last I remembered YOU had a car and the time off to spare to come visit ME/US too!!! I am beginning to despise to hear those phrases. I know we left the town we grew up in but why do we always have to be the ones packing up, spending extra $ on gas and confined to sleeping on the floor of somebody's living room for a few days? Can the roles be reversed sometimes? COME SEE US. Don't get me wrong I love seeing the familiar faces, places and people but I want them to make a trip to see us as well!! I feel like we accommodate everybody ALL THE TIME..... we are even going to have our wedding in our hometown just so all of our friends and Lewis' family won't have to travel ::my family lives 5 STATES AWAY, but they are WILLING to travel for my special day, what's up now?::

And you wanna know what excuse I've heard the most? "S.A is too far.... that's a 5hr drive"
No shit? Cause we drive that far every time we come to visit!

::POUT::  I don't care if I'm being childish about this situation..... I just want friends and family to make time and effort to come visit us like we have that's all! So because I feel this way I can't guarantee that we'll be making any appearances for a while.....hmph. 


Sorry that had been on my chest for a while! I know it's seem a bit early for me to feel that way but I got a feeling it's still going to be like this 6mths from now..... I gotta find a way to deal. Don't get me wrong I miss everything I left behind but I refuse to keep making those LONG trips out there if nobody wants to do the same :(

Am I overreacting? Has anybody felt the way I'm feeling? Similar situation? Ease my mind.... please!

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