Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first REAL patient!!!

Today I made my debut on a real medical hospital floor!! I was too excited/scared/nervous/freeaked out!! I've did clinical rotation last semester in my fundamentals class, but all we did there was follow CNAs around and do a lot of bedside manner e.g cleaning, bathing, feedings. This time around I go pick a patient the day before class, research their meds and come up with this plan of care for the next day. I basically tend to this one patient the entire day of clinical, which is a good thing... and a bad thing. Lol

It's good because I only focus on one person the entire time I'm there and that takes a HUGE load off of me, but it can be bad because I'm taking care of one person the ENTIRE TIME.... and for an anxious nursing student, it can be quite overwhelming.... for the patient. I was in the poor guys room like every 15 minutes asking stuff like:
Doing okay?
Can I get you get you anything?
Are you in pain?
Do you want some more water?
You still doing okay?
Are you sure I can't get you anything???
Are you sure you're sure?

I was doing thee most lol But I wanted to make sure I was doing my best and tending to the patients needs.... The last time I popped in though before I could even get my words out he was all "I am FINE ma'am! Please!" "Okay, but I was just trying to say bye." Geesh. Lol.

My day was awesome by the way, my patient was very delightful besides the fact that he was frustrated cause I was all up in his space TOO much..... ::I kinda was but whatevs::

Eat time :)

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