Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hair story

I figured I would share my hair story with ya. Currently on a hair journey and I thought it would neat to post stuff about my hair as well as track my progress. Let me know what you think.... Enjoy! 

Growing up I've always had a pretty decent length of hair ( past the shoulders or more). I was natural per mother's choice and would get my hair pressed once a month. Well in H.S I noticed that being SO active with marching band and track would cause my hair to sweat too much to hold the press for longer than 2 wks. Don't you remember? H.S is where image meant a whole lot more to you than it EVER will!! So of course when I got asked all the time why is my hair so "fuzzy" or "why does it roll up SO TIGHT in the back" I went running to my mom asking for a relaxer. That was 11th grade. I had to wait until 2006 as a senior to get my first relaxer. I've had one every since then......but I hadn't always known how to take care of my hair!! I barely did my hair as a natural chick back in the day; hence the press once a month lol and that was the only time I would get my hair washed too since I thought my hair was "allergic to water" HA! Super sad. Anyways after my first relaxer I wasn't good at all at keeping up my hair by doing things like washing it, moisturizing it and protecting it from heat damage so by in end of my freshman yr of college my hair went from past my shoulders to this:
**Don't Judge my SHORT shorts, I was young, free and on 6th street in Austin TX for the first time my freshy year**

Hair in May 2007
Hair April 2008

My hair was breaking faster than it was growing!! I had no idea what to do or how to fix my hair at that point so I began to search online for anything that could get my hair back to where I was used to it being. It wasn't until April of 2009 that I found a few websites that gave excellent information on how to take care of my hair. and are my two most favorite!! I'm a member over at KISS and I just lurk around LHCF lol but both really helped me out ALOT. Without the techniques, product reviews, advice, and encouragement from the subscribers and users at either of the hair sites I would have not been able to get my hair back into the shape that it is now:
November 2011
The length isn't exactly where it should be considering that I've been on my hair journey for a little over 2 years, but that is due to trial and error, small setbacks and some lack of knowledge. My hair IS about as long as it was when I first started getting relaxers back in 2006 but way more healthier so that tells me that I am doing some things right! I pray that I can continue to grow my hair out to my desired length [which is bra strap length or a little bit longer] by the end of 2012! Anything is possible people, you just got to want it bad enough :)
Here's some hair inspirations of mine:
Bra Strap length hair [current length goal for 2012]
Kibibi @
Mid-back length hair [Ultimate goal]
Hairdrama from
Isn't their ish just super pretty, lush and long?? 
I'm on it......

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