Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got Goals??

As yet another year winds down, it's time for me to crank out some goals to achieve. I started doing this about 3 yrs ago when I was in a situation that I didn't care to stay in much longer....I made a few long-term goals and then created a lot of short-term goals to help me get to my long-term ones. I've stayed pretty consistent and I've achieved a lot by doing it.... so why stop now?? Here goes:

Long-term goals:

  • Get my credit card balance under $100 (or really close; probably like $300...that balance is sky HIGH!!) 
  • Make nothing less than a B in my nursing courses
  • Save over $1000 for the yr
  • Grow my hair out to BSL (bra strap length)
Now to make my long-term goals happen I have to create little goals to stick to.... these are actually the hardest ones because if you don't achieve them, there is no way you can win the big race!!

Short-term goals:
  • Put about $140 towards my credit card every month
  • Look over/ study about 1-2hrs everyday... read assignment BEFORE class
  • Deposit at least $50/mth into savings
  • Moisturize and seal 3x wk and protect ends
My goals seem doable huh? You would be surprised at hard I find it to actually stick to these things!! Especially the studying goal... I am such a procrastinator :/ and if it bores me, there is NO WAY I can stay focused on it! I have to try super hard though cause I barely made it through my first 8wks of nursing school and that scared me and my fiance''s go hard or get kicked out! 

With the whole putting money on this and that it's all good....I just have one teeny roadblock: I DON'T HAVE A JOB. I've been unemployed and getting unemployment for the past 6 months...and that ish is coming to an end REAL quick. Matter of fact, I just received my full benefit payment today so come the first of the year I'll be ALL out. I've been applying for positions but only in the nursing assistant area.....I feel like goin outside of healthcare work they won't be considerate of my schooling. I was offered a work-study job on campus that I will look into once the school opens back up.... and I know they will work with my school schedule, it was designed for that very reason!!  Eh, doesn't hurt to stay optimistic right? 

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