Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is how my break has been going....

I've been feeling VERY lazy......
Wash clothes? Eh, I'll do it tomorrow
Vacuum? And leave the couch??? Maybe later....
Did you say COOK??....Ha!!.......Huh?...... *sigh* Okay, but be glad I love to eat too...and I love you :)
Since I got out for holiday break at school it's nothing but couch/bed and any snacks I can get my hands on!!
I should probably slow down though since moving in October I've put on about 8lbs.... [that's HEAVEN for a skinny chick like myself] not trying to gain anymore than that. I survived first semester of nursing school.... so I deserve a break, right?
Well I guess I'll go get dinner started.... Lewis will be getting antsy and whiny soon; I gotta get used to these "wifely duties."

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