Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Relaxer update

I stretched a little bit longer this time around since I was in a wedding. I wanted my hair to be as fresh as possible without having to suffer on the backside of waiting for a relaxer. I extended my stretch from 11-12wks to 14 wks; and honey my hair was READY. 

Still growing out my cut, so I'm currently rocking longer layers these days which is still cute to me. I feel like my hair is in that awkward length phase where because all of it is not one length, certain hairstyles don't work out very well and it's hard to bring together a cohesive style...... but I'm trying my best to keep it interesting. Our area is having some serious humidity so I probably won't wear my hair down much, if at all this summer. Speaking of summer, I tend to get a really good growth surge during these months so I believe me when I say I will capitalize on it! 

How was your last relaxer? 

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