Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm back!


Wow oh wow have I been gone a LONG time. I sincerely apologize to anybody who keeps up with lil ole me, it looks I just fell off the face of the earth!
But I didn't.
Just when I thought I was able to work out my time management issues with having a FT job, I decided to go and enroll in school FT. I know, shoot yourself in the face Bee. Believe me I've considered it. On the bright but not some bright side, it's strictly online schooling so I don't have to physically sit in a class but it's pretty fast paced. I'm surprised I'm making all the headway that I am..... 5wk courses are NO JOKE.

Anyways! Here I am missing the blog world, in the midst of everything else I got going on in my life. I plan to  try and squeeze out a post or 2 a week...... cause even though my life has gotten a little busy, I still love to share a small piece of me with you guys!

Pray for me as I continue through school!
Off to find some interesting stuff to post about.....

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