Sunday, November 3, 2013

Series: Updating my life......Protective stylin'

I was growing tired of the hassle that came with the protective styles I was used to wearing:

Individual braids: I first scour the city to find someone I didn't know but halfway trusted to install the braids AND not have to worry about them running a lighter up and down the braid. Then I stress over the amount of money and time I'm about to give up for it swearing "these are going to stay up for months!"..... Only to take them down in 6wks. WOMP.

Sew ins: Although I have only had a few put in, I usually despise the whole process lol. Finding someone (again, all over the city I must search). Cry about the amount of money I am spending to buy the hair to be installed this time. Cry some more over the amount money I plan to/am handing over ( why are sew ins so expensive?) Sit through a heavy handed session of braiding and sewing. Pop a tylenol for the headache I receive (gratis) to accompany my $$$ hairdo. Discover tension bumps on my hair line from the thread pulling my braids to tight the whole...uhm, month I leave the sew in up. And finally while taking it down, I end up cutting REAL hair on accident. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME..........What the eff bro?

This go 'round I was like "nope, I ain't doing it!" And did what I never thought I would do as a teenager:
Bought a wig.

Actually I bought 2.

And I love it. Go figure. The style is so versatile; Ponytails, clip it up, half up half down look, or I can just wear it all down if I wanted. And the very best part about this protective style for me- I can take it off whenever I want!!! It's not installed to my hair in any way so when I get off work, I can just peel that thing off and put it up for the night Lol

I don't know what I haven't thought to buy one until now..... I've been missing out.
The one I've been currently rocking is by Equal and it's their L-shaped invisible part wig. Her name is Cherry and I bought it in a 1B.

How it looked on the website......And how it looks on me in real life:

I was sending my husband my sexy face!
 *Completely unrelated but..... My eyebrows are everything right now! They are giving my whole face life and UOENO it lol

Glad I took a dive and made this purchase because I have definitely discovered a new way for me to protect my hair while looking cute and not having to worry about spending too much or the state of my hair when I take it down. The absolute best part is that this protective style only cost me $19.99! Hello world! 

Looks like I've found my newest hobby.....

Check out the website HERE for all the wigs they carry!

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