Sunday, August 11, 2013

Series: Updating my life

There comes a time in every woman's life when they evaluate and strategize (if necessary) about if and how they need to make changes to themselves..... 

Getting married has brought something to my attention: I need an update.

*I sort of talked about it in this post*

Since I have identified and am now fully aware of my need, it's time to figure out what exactly needs to change and where I should start...... Simple right? You'd be surprised how complicated I tend to make things :)

These are the things I feel as though need some updating:

  • Wardrobe/accessories/shoes
  • Home decor
  • Hair
My wardrobe issue is actually an ongoing thing, since the beginning of the year I've been trying to get that together..... and failed miserably. Plus in the past 6 months I've given away alot of my clothes so it causes me to look like a rerun more often than not...... BUT! It doesn't stop me from trying again.... and again..... and again lol My main issue is that whenever I go into a store I don't see anything I like or I feel like whatever I do see that has potential, there are like 3 other girls right behind me picking up the same item and they are about 5 or 6 years younger! Does this mean I still have high school style? Or am I shopping in the wrong department? 

 Our apt decor could definitely use an update mainly because, well we don't actually have any. What I mean is there isn't much...... flow. Sure there are a few decorations but nothing really goes together, on purpose? I struggle with this because our space is not massive so if there is too much going on, it makes the place look junky and I hate that! So really the deal is to find ways to decorate while keeping the space as open and de-cluttered as possible. There's a challenge...... 

My hair. Nothing is wrong with my hair, it's growing fine and recovering rather nicely thank you ! It's just....  boring. I think that's my real problem; I am bored with my hair. No, I don't want to cut it and although I've been thinking of color I don't plan to do anything permanent at the moment. My hairstyles are what have me in a funk about my entire head. I'm always putting my hair up in some type of bun or clip, I can't ever find anything cute to do with it! Then I can never think of anything cute and quick to do if hubby and I want to go out to eat or decide to do something spontaneous. It's frustrating. Maybe I should start back going to the salon on a more regular basis..... I don't know yet though.

I'm sure there are other areas in my little life that need some updating but right now I feel as though these need the most attention so I'll focus here first. Really excited about rerouting my energy towards things that will help in my quest of channeling the wife inside of me.... Cause right now I still don't feel like one.

Is that normal? Let's not even think about what's normal and what isn't lol..... I will try to update on this topic at least once a week so be on the look out for it:)

I'm ready to update my life.... are you? You should join me! I would love to have some buddies in this journey; you don't have to do the same ones as me, you could update any area of your life whether it be work, school, or personal-related.... we can all use some updating! Leave a comment, link up to this page or do both!! 

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