Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Schools back in....

And it marks the beginning of the countdown til I finish my program!

I had my last first day of school yesterday and it felt weird. Just to know that in a few short months I'll be finished with school..... makes me feel a combination of excited, nervous, anxious and relieved emotions on any given day. I won't know how to act when I finish......

Wait, yes I will

AAAYYYEEEE!! *In my loud ratchet voice* Lol

Right now though I need to focus on completing this one last class which I am currently in the swing of now. So far my clinical experience MAY not be what I hoped for, for the sake of graduating though I plan to grin and bear it..... with LOTS of prayer! <----- No lie.

Wishing everyone returning to school this fall success this semester!!!


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