Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back in action

We are back from our honeymoon! After spending 4 amazing days on the water and a bomb ace day on the beach it's back to reality for us here. We ended up going on a cruise and I recommend it to anyone who likes all you can eat food, hundreds of activities and jam-packed pool parties:) I think we made a good decision by choosing a cruise as it was relatively inexpensive and full of stuff to do.

So now that the wedding and the honeymoon are officially over it's time for us to turn our attention towards making new plans and setting new goals for our first year as husband and wife! I'm so excited about beginning this journey; I couldn't ask for a better man to do it with!

I feel as though the Lord has some BIG stuff planned for us- I just feel it.

Lewis is back to work and I return later this week.... too bad we can't just lay around and bum it up for a little while longer lol

I am cooking up some good stuff here on the blog so stay tuned!!!!

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  1. Congrats I was wondering if the big day had come. Enjoy the lazy days.