Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finally, a break!

Is it true? Am I really done with my spring classes? Seems a little surreal that I am no longer responsible for studying something! I don't know how to feel........
While I'm super excited about not having class I am hoping that I get selected to take this summer school course, just call me an over achiever lol

While I have this free time I plan to finish up as much as possible in terms of wedding planning. We only have 66 days left...... which really means I have about a good 45 days to get it all set! My biggest task to tackle at the moment are the wedding invitations. I took the DIY route for this and while I have the wording down pretty good, my biggest challenge is finding a design to fit. I want it to reflect both mine and Lewis' personalities without seeming fake or commercial..... Haven't found anything that speaks to me yet, but I know it's out there!

Really though, where has the year gone?
Along with the invitations we still need to choose a place to do the cupcakes for the reception, send out final payments, finish pre-marital counseling, talk with the Reverend who will be marrying us, hash out the final details for flowers, book the hotel for the night/weekend.......the list of little things to complete is a mile long. I'll just be glad when all of it is done and all I am responsible for is showing up with my dress on a hanger lol.

When you look at it, I'm not truly getting a break ....... just shifting gears!

Oh! OAN: For all my folks who are doing the money challenge that I talked about way back in January HERE..... It's Week 19, have you been keeping up with saving ya money? I can honestly say that it can be difficult to part with it at times, especially when you are a little strapped for cash.... but I've been pretty disciplined and I'm proud! The challenge is really about to take off now too, from here on out it's big savings! It's never too late to join either, just check out the link for the challenge!

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