Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedding Stuff: Planner

When school let out for the Christmas holiday back in December I was super pumped to have extra time on my hands to start back up the wedding planning. As I restarted the journey I began to realize that there was still SOOOO much to do and not alot of time for me to give everything my full attention. Then there was the fact that I was planning a wedding almost 6hrs away from where I currently reside and although we have family and friends there, I didn't want to throw that huge load on them. Oh, and let's not even mention to endless questions EVERYBODY seemed to fire at me about this or that...that I could barely answer "What are the colors again? What kind of shoes are you going to where? When is it again? Have you picked out flowers and decorations? What about favors and food? DJ? How do I need to dress? Who's in the wedding? What are they wearing? Can my cousins-baby-daddy-little-sister-neice come too? Where is my invitation, I better get one, right?" 

Needless to say I was overwhelmed and increasingly anxious by the end of the year about if I could or would get any of it done in time and without giving anybody attitude or suffering a panic attack. Right after we got engaged, Lewis suggested that we hire a wedding planner and just let them do their thing since I'm in nursing school...... But at the time I was just really excited about being able to plan a wedding MY WEDDING and I didn't want to turn that over to anyone. I've never been wronger.

At first it seemed like the date was too far off to really began any real detailed planning like napkin designs, table decor, flower arrangements and all that so I focused on bigger tasks like finding a dress and browsing bridesmaid dresses..... But up until this past Saturday..... that was all the ish I had accomplished, in almost 6 months lol. I'M SUCH A PROCRASTINATOR!!!

With our wedding date closing in 6months and counting I was starting to get the sweats about planning it AND being fully focused on my last year of school so I bit the bullet, told Lewis he was right which he loves and I hate and started searching for a planner. I am thankful I ran across a local planner in the East TX area that is fairly priced and has just the greatest spirit EVER! We met with Mrs. Deanne Robertson of Simply yours by design over the weekend and she gave me that reassurance that I was seeking about the rest of our planning. Thanks ma'am :) I know our wedding is in great hands with her!

It just feels like a ginormous weight was lifted off of my shoulders now and I can really re-focus on school. I still will have my hand in planning but I won't feel overwhelmed with resposiblilty for it.....

Thank God for wedding planners.

To my married ladies: How did your wedding planning go? Did you need a planner or you took the bull by the horns? Any crazy stories to share?

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