Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quick updates

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't get around to posting a  Mind Right Monday yesterday, I worked all day Sunday and yesterday and was too lazy/tired to turn my computer on at all once I made it home. 
I am going to prolly keep this post short and sweet since I'm in the process of doing 8 different things at once..... Here goes:

I'm coming to you right now from under my hair dryer- deep conditioning with Neutragena triple moisture- getting ready for our trip back to East TX for the holiday! I'm not too excited about being there for a whole 5 days, (where we will more than likely sleep on somebody's floor every night)  but we have a number of things to do while we are in town so I guess I have to make the most of the situation. We are set to leave early in the a.m so all day I have been trying to get packed up and situated. It's been kind of hard for me cause I think I got a little food poisoning last night from the Sonic we went to. I was fine when we went to sleep but around 4-ish this morning I woke up to a crazy pain in my stomach. At first I thought "Oh I just really got to go to the bathroom" but even after I did, my stomach was highly irritated. I felt miserable until about 6:30 when it my stomach decided it was time to get rid of that sh*t. I barely made into the bathroom before I was throwing up everywhere..... there goes my 6 yr vomit-free record. I felt no relief afterwards.... and then my tummy wanted to try again about an hr later. I've been very queasy every since..... I hate regurgitating.

This spur of the moment illness threw off alot the things I wanted to get done today. I wanted to rollerset my hair for the trip but I don't have the energy to deal with the rollers and I really don't trust my stomach today.... so after I rinse I'll prolly be a bad girl by blow drying my hair and more than likely flat ironing just to get the straight look. I realized that I may need a corrective relaxer cause I have under processed my hair these last two relaxers and I am not happy with it at all.

I won't be near a computer long enough to post like I want to, I will try and post some stuff while we are out of town..... Welp, guess I'll finish up my hair and crawl in bed. My tummy is starting to hurt again :/

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