Monday, November 26, 2012

Mind Right Monday!!

Last week was a pretty good week for me even though I didn't get a chance to post my normal MRM linkup.... Hope you guys really enjoyed ya holiday with family and laughs and food! Another great week is upon us so time to crank out some goals and such!

  • Have at least 3 study sessions ( 45 min increments) a day until exam 
  • Make a bomb ace grade on my exam
  • Start making a family/friends gift list for Christmas
  • Cross off at least 2 things on wedding to-do list
  • Hydrate!
  • Life, health and strength
  • Perseverance through trying moments of nursing school
  • My loving soon-to-be hubby
  • Teamwork that Lewis and I have
  • The ability to keep a level head in a chaotic situation ( this is a true art, I have realized )
  • Being able to give
  • Water filters and chicken noodle soup!

I got a feeling that I will be coming back next week to report that I achieved all of my goals with no problem!!! Time to get this week started!

You have any goals for the week? Anything you are grateful for? Let's motivate each other!! 

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