Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a little inspiration.

I've been reading this E-book for a while, "Achieve anything in just one year: be inspired daily to live your dreams," it's an motivational type book. I think at the time I was really looking to be inspired by something other than my own words..... this book is turning out to be quite the tool!

I wanted to give you guys a little excerpt from today's "pep talk":

"Face the worst. Believe the best. Do the most. Leave the rest" - Bishop Mel Wheatley

"Whenever you feel stuck in life, it can be very difficult to find a way out of the darkness. this quote gives you a flashlight to navigate through the shadows. If you stick with these simple directions, you will emerge into the light before you know it....."

Great stuff huh?

I thought this one fits sooo well with what some of my friends and loved ones have been going through lately, almost as if the book knew I would know someone in the situation even if I couldn't use it for myself.

This book is available at if you are interested in it!

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Have a good one!

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